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Account Manager B2B Sales, OPUS & someday, Brussel

(m/f/d), Brüssel

Area Manager Sales B2B, OPUS & someday, Sindelfingen, m/w/d

(m/f/d), Sindelfingen

Auszubildender Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik, OPUS, Oelde

(m/f/d), Oelde

Auszubildender Fachlagerist, OPUS, Oelde

(m/f/d), Oelde

Auszubildender Kaufmann im Einzelhandel, OPUS, Oelde

(m/f/d), Oelde

The future is good, when it’s good for everyone.

Sustainability is a process. It is our responsibility to help shape it. At Simplicity, ecological, social and economic sustainability goals are equally important. And they are connected through our vision Rethinking Shopping. Sustainability affects the way we handle the materials we use as well as our processes and methods. How can we conserve resources in production? How eco-friendly are our materials, how lean are our work processes? Are our working conditions social, our employees satisfied? In short, is Simplicity acting responsibly enough to be sustainable? We want to respond honestly and transparently, to learn and improve. For us, "sustainability" is not a buzzword, but part of our self-image. We accept this responsibility. That's why we embrace sustainability holistically within the company – for our employees, our partners, our customers and the environment.

Automation leads to sustainability.

We are digital and efficient.

Digital technologies support sustainable development in many areas. Our offices manage nearly without the use of paper and plastic. This saves time, materials, space and makes shipping unnecessary. They also ensure that all employees have equal access to the data that is relevant to them. Our intelligent, robot-assisted logistics saves space and steps – and ensures that packages are shipped at maximum capacity. For seemingly unsolvable challenges, we develop our own software applications – these have even been known to win us an award.

Our smart methods in the sales cycle encourage a sales quota of 100%. Delivery is aligned with the real market and regularly monitored; "dynamic pricing" helps retailers to sell at the optimal price. We link sellers when products needed in one place are left in another and provide assistance in curating sales areas.

Code of Conduct

We bear responsibility not only for ourselves, but also for the environment, our employees, stakeholders and partners. Our Code of Conduct is written documentation of the values we uphold. It is a compilation of rules for sustainable economic practices, and compliance is mandatory for all people involved with Simplicity. Violations of any kind can be reported confidentially and anonymously here.